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You know you need more traffic to your site to boost your sales. The more quality blogs you have that show up when your customers search for something, the more traffic, trust, and sales you make.

Apart from your desired keywords, my SEO Blog Posts services include:

  • Holistic organic search strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy and recommendations
  • SEO blog posts creation


Your website is your home on the Internet, so don’t let your visitors feel confused or discouraged during their visit. Engaging copy optimized for SEO & UX will make your website more trustworthy and convert more customers.

My Website Copy services include:

  • Homepage copy
  • About page copy
  • Products page copy
  • Contact page copy

(Blogs & content are not included)


It’s already cost you a lot to lead them here, so don’t make them leave so soon! You’ll get more emails and make more sales per click with an engaging, persuasive sales/landing page.

My Sales, Landing Pages services include:

  • Headlines, subheadings, and body copy
  • 1 CTA

(images, videos, and web building are not included)


Emails are still relevant and super effective! There’s no better way to grow your audience and customer base than straight-to-the-inbox email campaigns that offer values and are refreshing to read.

My Emails services include:

  • 1 single written email
  • 3 or more sequential emails

(images, videos, and email platforms not included)


Your budget deserves ads that stop their scroll and trigger their curiosity. Well-written and compelling ads will convert more of your impressions into your customers.

My Ads services include:

  • Written Facebook, Twitter… ads
  • Written ads for YouTube scripts
(images, videos, and ad platforms not included)


Need someone to write word-by-word scripts for your YouTube and podcast? Having strong, value-based YouTube and podcast content will build more personal connections and keep your audience engaged with your offers.

My Video, Podcast Scripts services include:

  • 1 single written script
  • 2 or more written scripts

(images and videos are not included)

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