How Much Money Is Enough For Your Happiness?


Do we really know it for ourselves?


If you only let me give you one answer, I must admit I don’t know either. But I can help you see it clearer for yourself.


How do I know it? I’ve seen it enough to believe it.


If you want to know how much money is enough for your happiness, ask yourself 1 question, “how much money do I need to stop feeling bad about myself and my life?”


But here’s the catch: if you want to stop feeling bad about your life, you just need to be more grateful, no matter how hard your life is at the moment. It doesn’t have anything to do with money.


I’m not saying you can let your life slip because you “only” need to feel more grateful without doing any real work to improve your life. Gratitude doesn’t equal laziness because as long as you can trust your progress with all your heart, you will never call yourself “lazy.” And as long as you still learn from your past to change as little as possible for the better, you can trust your progress.


So as long as you can trust your progress, you should feel grateful for your life. And as your life gets better, your gratitude grows.


So here’s another way to ask the question we had earlier, “how much money do I need to be more grateful, no matter how hard my life is at the moment?”


For me, it’s only an extra 50 bucks (in my budget, of course) to take my girlfriend out for some cocktails. I earned it from working for a couple of hours more than usual. I don’t have to be super rich to have enough money to take my girlfriend out for cocktails every now and then. But I also don’t want to spend all my money on cocktails; nobody should do it.


And I also stopped caring about what people think when it comes to how much I have to “show” on my social media for them to see that I’m not broke.


So, if you want to know how much money is enough for your happiness, you should know how to be grateful for your life first and keep moving in the right direction to improve your life.


For me, it’s to keep trusting myself and cherish every life challenge that makes me grow as a person.


How about you? Are you already doing something that makes you truly grateful for your life and what’s to come? Can you stop judging yourselves based on the perspectives of other people?


Practically, are you making enough money that you’re not broke?


I’m not judging, but if the answer is no, then it’s definitely a dire situation that I believe you’d want to overcome to improve your life indeed. If the answer is yes, then, like I said, “it has nothing to do with money.” Keep progressing in your life faster or just one step at a time and be grateful, then no specific amount of money you’ll need to have to feel grateful or happy for again.


Keep calm and prosper my friend.